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Increase the performance of the new ZForce 2021 with K-TAG

Remap in Bootmode the brand-new ATV just released on the market. More performances? With K-TAG you can!

We dedicate this software update to the brand-new ZForce 1000 Sport just released on the market. The latest ARV able to deal with every field, even the most inaccessible or hostile ones, with an unrivalled drive and boost. Lighter chassis, improved suspension compared to the previous model, make it an ideal companion for work and fun. For these reasons, we are talking about a rather common vehicles that many are choosing to buy and remap!

The brand-new ZForce 1000 Sport owns a 1000 4-stroke twin-cylinder enginr, controlled by the ECU Bosch ME17.U.6 micro TC128. Thanks to the K-TAG protocol you can read, write, and clone in Bootmode, arriving at the end of the reprogramming safely. Would you like to increase the performances? With K-TAG you can do it!

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