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GM – AC Delco ECUs – OBD + Bench

Autotuner is now able to perform the following operations:

OBD Real Read
OBD Write
Bench Real Read
Bench Write

On the following ECUs:

E38 GEN1

Cadillac 6.2 V8
Chevrolet 6.2 V8

E39 GEN1/2

Cadillac 2.0T
Opel 2.0T

E39A GEN1/2

Cadillac 2.0T

E67 GEN1/2

Cadillac 6.2 V8
Chevrolet 6.2 V8

E78 GEN1/2

Buick 1.4T
Chevrolet 1.8i
Chevrolet 1.4T
Opel 1.4i 16v
Opel 1.4T

E80 GEN1/2

Cadillac 2.0T
Opel 2.0 T
Opel 1.0 T EcoTec
Opel 1.4 T
Opel 1.5 T
Opel 1.6 T
Opel 2.0 Turbo

E82 GEN1/2

Cadillac 3.6 V6
Chevrolet 3.6 V6
GMC 3.6 V6

E83 GEN1

Buick 1.6 T
Chevrolet 1.0 16v VVT
Chevrolet 1.2 16v VVT
Chevrolet 1.4 16v VVT
Chevrolet 1.6 T
Chevrolet 1.8i
Opel 1.0 16v VVT
Opel 1.2 16v VVT
Opel 1.6 T

E87 GEN1/2

Chevrolet 1.7 VCDI S&S
Opel 1.7 CDTI S&S

E92 GEN1/2

Cadillac 6.2L V8
Chevrolet 6.2 V8
Chevrolet 6.2L V8
GMC 6.2L V8

E98 GEN1/2

Chevrolet 2.8 TD
Opel 1.3 CDTI
Opel 1.6 CDTI
Opel 1.6 CDTI Bi-Turbo
Opel 2.0 CDTI
Opel 2.0 Turbo D

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