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Truck Chiptuning

Chiptuning means to optimize the software in the engine control unit – that’s why it’s also called software-tuning. Various parameters like the amount of fuel, ignition timing and charge pressure will be adjusted to each other during the chiptuning.

The results
Possible outcomes are up to 20% torque increase, up to 20% horsepower increase and 5-15% fuel economy.

Under normal driving behaviour the fuel consumption of your truck will be much lower after the chiptuning. Due to a small shift of the torque band a driving with lower revs is possible. That leads to a decrease of the fuel consumption. Furthermore your vehicle will have the same power despite lower revs.

 Overview of the results 

  • An increased performance between 5-20%
  • A torque increase between 5-20%
  • Reduction of the fuel consumption after the chiptuning

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