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Stage 1

Where and how to buy engine remap files?

On our tuning file platform you can buy tuning files: Stage 1, E85 Flex Fuel and many other modified tuning files developed and tested on a dyno.

Profesionnal of chiptuning service! We know and understand our customers and their needs as we also have experience as a tuning company, so we can resonate with our customers in a practical way.
We understand the problems and difficulties that chiptuning companies can meet when modifying tuning file stage1, E85 …
We work with all AUTOTUNER, CMD, ALIENTECH, DIMSPORT, MAGIC MOTORSPORT tools and equipment available on the chiptuning market. So we can support our slaves and move forward with them.

Buy Tuning Files
For any purchase of chiptuning file made via our damos and WinOls mappack, go to the website and click on the “Buy Files” section.
You will find Flex fuel E85, Stage1 tested files on our Dyno-Chiptuning-File

Nothing could be simpler to order:
– Fill in the form
– Send your original file

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