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Read and write in OBD the ECU Delphi DCM3.2

Dozens of new OM646 Mercedes models supported by KESSv2.

A new protocol to work through OBD on the ECU Delphi DCM3.2 (CRD.11) thanks to KESSv2. From an operational perspective, it becomes much easier, intuitive, and immediate to intervene on these ECUS.

The Mercedes-Benz vehicles added to the KESSv2 list are vehicles in production from 2006 to 2011. Undoubtedly in circulation for some years already and that most likely need a delicate remapping. Sedan and Station Wagon able to devour a long way and that, with the right recalibrations’ intervention, can have the longest life of use and good health.

The Mercedes OM646 has already a very good design and it is produced in various power levels. Introduced in 2003, the OM646 engine is the natural evolution of the OM611 engine, from which it differs by the supercharging and power increased pressure, that went from 1350 bar to 1600 bar. In addition, new seven-hole injectors were adopted, instead of six-holes. With the right recalibrations, thanks to this software update, the engine reaches the best performances you can achieve.

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