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Flex slave to master of our company

FLEX currently supports more than 9,000 vehicles and users can rely on the release of new SW protocols by MMS for this tool every two weeks to make sure they are always up-to-date in their field. The Full package of software functions for FLEX in Slave version includes: ECU OBD/Bench, TCU OBD/Bench, BDM MPC5xx, Bench BOSCH MEDC17 + Bootloader Tricore, BL Nexus MPC5xxx, Renesas SH705x, BL Siemens C165/166/167, BL ST10, JTAG NEC 76F00xx & Infineon TC17xx.

Contents of delivery :

Cabling kit: FLX3.5 color coded wiring harness
Adapter kit: 6 pcs set of pin adapters to FLX4.2
FLEX Base Module
FlexBox Module for FLEX
Connection cable OBD: FLEX to CAN/Kline RED
Connection cable OBD: FLEX to ENet GREEN
Connection cable: USB 2.0 AM-BM BLK 1.8m
Power Supply adapter 110-240V 14V 5A
Connection cable: FlexBox port C to NEC 7F00 XX
Connection cable: FlexBox port D to BDM MPC5xx
FlexBox port E 40 pins adapter for FLX3.5
Flex & FlexBox diagnostic adapter
FLEX Branded Box

FLS0.5S Full Flex Slave SW Package

The packages will be added to the tool as soon as they are released.

ECU OBD + Bench
TCU OBD + Bench
Motorola MPC5xx
Nexus MPC5xxx
Renesas SH7xxxx
NEC 76F00xx
Infineon TC17xx
Siemens C165/166/167

This tool uses an annual subscription model for updates, support and online services. The first year is included, value 300-500 euros (depending on software activations).

A valid subscription is mandatory for use.


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