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Bosch ME17 VMB560A4PZ01 40,147,654,014,764 538233 ECU tuning file

ECU tuning files for Polaris 1.0i

Chip Tuning Files Service has the ECU tuning files for your Polaris 1.0i vehicle. This original chip tuning file will boost performances of your Bosch ME17 engine within safety margin for your Polaris RZR.
This chiptuning files adjust the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of your Polaris car in order to optimize fuel consumption and engine power.

Tuning ECU files specifications for Polaris 1.0i

Car Polaris RZR 1.0i
Manufacturer of ECU Bosch
ECU Type ME17
ECU Prod Nr VMB560A4PZ01
ECU HW hardware number 40,147,654,014,764
ECU SW software number 538233
ECU SW UP software upgrade version VMB560A4PZ1037538233F00HM00186103

Why choose us for your 40,147,654,014,764 538233 ECU files ?

  • Dedicated tuning file services : EGR off, Lambda off, Pop & Bang, Hard Rev Cut
  • Available remaps : stage 1
  • Expert for Polaris and Bosch
  • Personal file
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Custom ecu remap
  • Chip Tuning since 20 years

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