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ECU tuning files for Bmw Motorad

Chip Tuning Files Service has the ECU tuning files for Bmw Motorad vehicle. This original chip tuning file will boost performances of your engine.

Constructeur Série Modèle Producteur HW SW ECU Name
Bmw Motorad K 1600 Bosch 513816 00000CBD008000001Ps00000D2C008020000ECE79kW Voir
Bmw Motorad k 1600 GT 1.6 Bosch 525367 Voir
Bmw Motorad R 1200 Bosch 00003054016000000 0000419A016000001 16999 FEV#00003054016000000#0000419A016000001#BMS-M\Revisions\BOXER\K5x-20\K52-20\ECE Voir
Bmw Motorad R 1200 Bosch 8536994 8534128 525367 CGuentner#00000CF7026000000#000030E9026000000#BMS-X\Revisions\BOXER\K50mss\ECE Voir
Bmw Motorad R 1250 GS A74B12M Bosch 38751 Voir
Bmw Motorad R1200R 1200cc 125Hp version Liquid Cooled Bosch 8545610 8554502 Voir
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